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Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Looming Sovereign Debt Crisis

Below is a chart courtesy of a very interesting article from by Daniel Fisher. For those who wish to read the full article can do so here.

For those calling for the death of the US Dollar and resultant rush to commodities priced in US Dollars might wish to review this chart. Now Iceland is a snapshot pre crisis and let's be honest it isn't really one of the big players anyway.

Third and fourth on the list however, UK & Switzerland might cause a few more headaches, not to mention the Euro Zone.

The next major crisis in my opinion will come from Europe, the problems currently occurring in Greece are a small but not insignificant component of what I envisage will be heading our way in the near future.

I continue to remain bullish on the USD having looked like it bottomed late 2009 although a short term pullback cannot be ruled out.

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