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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Fraudulent BLS Statistics

An excellent post here from my favourite blogger Mish Shedlock referencing an article from the New York times of the Labour Department having overstated jobs created this year by a colossal 800,000.

For those that want the full NY Times article they can read it here.

Mish Shedlock and David Rosenberg have been bleating on about this for months and I totally agree with them. That is that the Births/Deaths adjustment is useless. How it can say that more jobs were created from new businesses created through the GFC than lost through business that disappear is beyond me.

Of course the talking heads on Mainstream Media will explain this away as a non-issue and keep cheerleading this100% government stimulus/media manipulated pseudo recovery.

I don't know when the market will crash or even if it will but gradually the curtain is being lifted as to the monumental fraud that is being perpetuated across many fronts.

Hey even man made climate change data is being manipulated! Take a look here.

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